HAPPY ROOTZ® Growing system

HAPPY ROOTZ® Growing system

After years of research and design, STREETGROWERS has put together a user friendly home or office OUTDOOR/INDOOR growing system that is perfect for any person that wants to grow HAPPY healthy FRUITING, RARE & TROPICAL PLANTS in a proper ROOTZ growing system*!

Each HAPPY ROOTZ! growing system comes with our ECOCOMBO roots technology, (1) COVER-POT + (1) GROWER-POT.

This ECOCOMBO that gives you the durability of a solid ocean recycled plastic COVER-POT, including our famous air pruning roots GROWER POT technology (PATENTED made in Italy with recycled HDPE plastic) which guarantee healthy root development with maximize oxygen exchange aeration!


* Due to the fact that the trees will never be root bound it also means that you will never have to re-pot your tree for next years. It will naturally dwarf your fruit tree, help it grow faster and healthier and produce fruits quicker. Just add a topping barks or rocks, water, sunlight, and fertilizer and watch your dwarfed tree thrive and give you delicious fruits in your own Space !

**In WINTERS for OUTDOOR growers, simply pop out the GROWER POT of the COVER-POT, bring the grower pot with the tree in a protected shelter. You can leave outside the COVER POT... and why not insert an X-MAS tree in the same COVER POT ? ;)