BLEUETIER GÉANT - Vaccinium corymbosum

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THIS!... is the famous "BLUEBERRY GEANT HIGHBUSH" from the Vaccinium family for Balcony !

A small gourmet berry, the blueberry will seduce you with its pretty blue-black hue and its fragrant, slightly sweet and tangy taste... a wide range of culinary possibilities! Our blueberry bush can reaches a height of 5 to 6 feet! Very productive variety, which gives Medium to Large fruits of a pale or dark blue color, good tasting, and firm. Miam miam :)


Crooks & Features

  • Botanical name: Vaccinium Corymbosum
  • Native grown in Canadian climate (hardiness zone 4-8)
  • Fruits maturity: July to September
  • Foliage: Dark green turning red-orange in autumn
  • Potted tree grown in QUEBEC so please note the rendering of the plant may vary depending on the time of year !
  • Fully grown, Alive & Healthy :)


Find a sunny spot that is sheltered from the wind. It is self-fruitful, however will do even more fruits if two different cultivars are planted (X Pollination). If you have a garden or a balcony, don't hesitate to take your plant out on sunny days, but don't forget to shelter it in winter!


Its important to use acidic water pH 5 for all blueberry bush (do not use city water with pH 7). Tip to get acidic water, squeeze half lemon fruit in your watering can. In summer/spring, we recommend frequent watering of 2 to 3 watering per week. In winter/autumn, water every 10 to 15 days. It is important to keep the soil slightly moist, BUT important note, all citrus tree hates having its roots in standing water!


During the SUMMER SOLSTICE period (May to August) - Add 2 table spoon (15ml) of 21-0-0 (ammonia sulfate) + 12-6-6+OLIGO one time/per month & (optional) Add alga liquid fertilizer (5ml concentrate in 1L of water) every 2 weeks .

During the WINTER SOLSTICE period (October to March) - No fertilizing required.


All blueberry high bush love temperatures between 21°C and 30°C. It can tolerate temperatures down to -25°C during the winter. But don't forget to shelter it in winter, like a garage or hut!


The blueberry high bush is NO-TOXIC with our furry friends.

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