PITAYA (DRAGON FRUIT) - Hylocereus Undatus
PITAYA (DRAGON FRUIT) - Hylocereus Undatus
PITAYA (DRAGON FRUIT) - Hylocereus Undatus

PITAYA (DRAGON FRUIT) - Hylocereus Undatus

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THIS!... is the famous "PITAYA" from the Hylocereus family for Apartment !

Don’t let the name startle you! With fragrant white and yellow blooms, this perfectly low-maintenance houseplant is a hardy cactus and comes with a great will to grow (and is soft to the touch). As its stems continue to sprawl outward, you may want to repot the dragon fruit to see its full potential. The blooms of this plant are unique; in fact, they are one of the largest flowers in the world. The reason that they are so unique is not their size; it is the fact that the blooms only open for one night, and the scents that you will experience on that night are surreal and exotically fruity. Miam miam :)


Crooks & Features

  • Botanical name: Hylocereus Undatus
  • Native grown in Asia, Mexico, Vietnam
  • One plant can produce fruit for 20 to 30 years!
  • Potted tree grown in QUEBEC so please note the rendering of the plant may vary depending on the time of year !
  • Fully grown, Alive & Healthy :)
  • Low maintenance and great for beginner green thumb!
  • Small size: Around 12inch (30cm) in overall height, from bottom of pot to top leaf.
  • Medium size: Around 30inch (75cm) in overall height, from bottom of pot to top leaf.


The base of the plant can see a little shade, but the tips of the plant require full sun to ensure that the plant blooms properly! If too much shade is given to the plant, the fruit will not do well.


Because this plant is a cactus plant, it is important to make sure that you are watering it properly. Only water the plant when the top of the soil is dry to the touch, and do not allow the plant to sit in water! The soil needs to be moist, not soaked!


To ensure that the dragon fruit is growing properly, give it some fertilizer every month during the active growing season (May to July). During the cold winter months, you will want to stop feeding your plant for a few months.


When is establish in the pot, the trimming can be done all year.


Dragon fruit will not grow in cold climates, so make sure that the temperature is above 5°C to prevent damage from occurring to the plant. For optimal growth, the temperature needs to be between 18°C and 26°C.


Ok for your furry friends ;)

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