PAPAYA "BABACO" - Vasconcellea heilborni
PAPAYA "BABACO" - Vasconcellea heilborni
PAPAYA "BABACO" - Vasconcellea heilborni
PAPAYA "BABACO" - Vasconcellea heilborni

PAPAYA "BABACO" - Vasconcellea heilborni

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THIS!... is the new PAPAYA "BABACO" from the Vasconcellea heilborni family !

Hello, Hi! My name is BABACO from the Papaya family. Almost everyone who sees me is like, “Wow, what is that? They refer to my fruit, the BABACO! Also called Papaya of the Mountains, or Fruit of Champagne !

! Plz note we growth in province of Quebec so the rendering of the plant may vary depending on the time of year !

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Crooks & Features

  • Botanical name: Vasconcellea heilbornii babaco
  • Native grown in tropical Equator
  • Height at maturity: 3 m
  • Width at maturity: 2 m
  • Color of the flower: White
  • Fruit ColorYellow greenish fruit with whit yellow flesh
  • Self-pollinating. Ready to eat around November to January (Montréal Areal)
  • Potted grown in QUEBEC
  • Actual rendering: Approximately 16 to 22 inch (35 to 50 cm) in overall height, from bottom of coco coir pot to top leaf
  • Fully grown, Alive & Healthy
  • Grower's difficulty level (4/5): High maintenance and great for plant collector!


I am a semi-woody shrub native to the Ecuadorian Andes. I have a short lifespan, less than 8 years and I am on average 2-5 m tall. Here our complete CARE GUIDE for potted plants & trees...

Still even more features ?

My fruit the BABACO is an unusual large papaya-shaped fruit with a unique flavor that resembles pineapple and kiwi :P My juicy flesh is effervescent, hence the name "champagne fruit". I am a fruit tree that is as fun to grow as it is to eat! My exotic palm tree shape gives me a beautiful tropical look on your patio. I can produce up to 30kg of fruit per year! I'm very rare, here's your chance to taste me!